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Roses & Reeds Photography

Hey there, we're the dynamic duo at the heart of Roses and Reeds, Natalie and Johnny! Roses & Reeds, born out of love and faith, found its roots in August 2020. It all began with Natalie Reed's journey in 2016 when she started her photography business, known as The King's Rose. The name was more than just a title; it represented her life's testament, her story. In October 2019, Natalie and Johnny Reed exchanged vows, marking the start of a beautiful partnership that went beyond marriage.
Johnny quickly became an integral part of the business, infusing it with his own unique perspective and talents. This union of love and artistry inspired the birth of Roses & Reeds. Today, we stand as a happily married photography duo, dedicated to capturing raw, intimate love stories in all their beautiful imperfections, all while giving glory to Jesus.

Contact Information

Instagram: @rosesandreeds
Service Area: Arizona

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