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Need Custom Florals?

If you are not seeing a style/color scheme on our website that interests, we may be able to accommodate a custom floral order. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you.

If we can accommodate you, it will depend upon, size, quantity, color scheme desired, and if our skill level matches up to what you are wanting to create. We only create: bouquets, garlands, arch florals, and some center piece items. Pricing will vary for custom products depending on supplies needed, quantity etc. All items will be rented and given back to our company after your event to rent for future customers. If you are looking to purchase items, we do have other companies to refer you to.

Please keep in mind, if you saw a color scheme on the website you liked: for example the "Red Ramona Arch floral," but you did not see that in a bouquet or a garland on the website, this is not a custom order. We will create any of the color schemes we have on the website in garlands, bouquets, decorative boxes etc. because we have the materials. It is only items and colors that are different than what we have in stock. 

We are always willing to hear your inquiries about florals. If you have an idea, and are not sure if we can create it, please send us an email at: with detailed images of the florals you are interested in. Please send us the quanity needed, the type of item needed, and exactly what the theme of your wedding is. We will get back to you within 48 hours if we can accommodate you.

Thank you!

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